Evangelisches Diözesanmuseum der Steiermark in Murau | © TVB Murau-Kreischberg | Evangelische Kirche

Protestant Diocesan Museum Murau

The early Baroque church of St. Elizabeth emerged from the Gothic chapel of the former Bürgerspital (community hospital) in Murau, erected by Otto III of Liechtenstein. The Protestant Church of Murau and the Protestant Diocesan Museum of Styria have been housed here since 1979.

The Protestant Diocesan Museum in Murau has reopened in a new guise and invites all those with an interest to learn more about the Protestant church in Styria. It boasts an interesting space concept, with information distributed across several levels, providing ample opportunity to wander through this museum. Its modern educational and methodical approach makes it easy for visitors to seek out whatever they are particularly interested in.

Children and young people are given age-appropriate information about the content of the exhibition. Visitors can wander through the exhibition by themselves or spend some time at the media stations; however, guided tours and of course connections with other museums in the region are included in the visitor services.


Admission prices:

Adults: € 5.00
Young people up to 15 years: € 3.00
Students: € 3.00
Groups (per person): € 3.00
Groups with tour: € 4.00

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Wanderung zur Almrauschblüte | © TVB Murau-Kreischberg | WEGES
Tour, Hiking

Ridge hike Prankerhöhe (2,166m) over the Kreischberg

A refreshing hike in the Gurktaler Alpen, guaranteeing rest and relaxation, is to be found south of the Kreischberg ski resort.
Tourismusverband Murau-Kreischberg
Tour, Hiking

8-peak hike: from the Frauenalpe to the Kreischberg (2,171m)

A long hike from Kreischberg to the Frauenalpe, offering superb views on alpine meadows and paths, making a wonderful tour for endurance hikers.
Tour, Hiking

8-peak hike: from the Frauenalpe to the Kreischberg (2,171m)

A very long hike from the Frauenalpe to the Kreischberg, boasting outstanding views on alpine meadows and hiking trails, and particularly suitable for hikers with plenty of stamina.
Braukessel in der Brauerei | © Brauerei Murau eGen | Romana Steiner
Cooling tip, Winter excursion destinations, Murtal GuestCard

Brewery of the Senses

As of now, Styria has one more delectable destination up its sleeve: a special interactive beer experience, the "Brewery of the Senses" has been set up at the Murau Brewery on Raffaltplatz.
Karin Maier
Tour, Hiking

Circular route Hauserersee St. Georgen am Kreischberg

A stunning circular trail that takes in the pearl of the region, the Hauserersee (lake). This shady route is especially good for hot days ‒ including a refreshing dip in the lake!

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