St. Nikolauskirche Steir. Laßnitz | © TVB Murau-Kreischberg

Parish church Steir. Laßnitz

Historically, the village of Steirisch Laßnitz was entrusted to St. Lambrecht’s Abbey. The church in Steirisch Laßnitz, with its cemetery, is dedicated to St. Nicholas.

The parish church of St. Nikolaus in Steirisch Laßnitz is first mentioned in written records as "St. Nikolaus in der Lesnik" in 1395.

A Romanesque round church was erected as far back as the 12th century; its foundations have been documented in excavations. The remains of frescoes from this round church are still preserved today in the church chancel. These depict an enthroned Christ, holy figures and also feature depictions of animals.

In September 2016, the parish of St. Lambrecht formed a parish association with the two neighbouring parishes of Steirisch Laßnitz and Kärntnerisch Laßnitz. The two churches share an ossuary, situated at the entrance to Steirisch Laßnitz.

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8-peak hike: from the Frauenalpe to the Kreischberg (2,171m)

A very long hike from the Frauenalpe to the Kreischberg, boasting outstanding views on alpine meadows and hiking trails, and particularly suitable for hikers with plenty of stamina.
Wanderer, Paar, Auerlingsee, fischen, wandern | © Steiermark Tourismus
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Peacefully situated in a forest landscape the Auerling see is a charming spot for a refreshing swim and a perfect starting point for hikes on to the Grebenzen. Furthermore, the lake is very popular with anglers.
Braukessel in der Brauerei | © Brauerei Murau eGen | Romana Steiner
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Brewery of the Senses

As of now, Styria has one more delectable destination up its sleeve: a special interactive beer experience, the "Brewery of the Senses" has been set up at the Murau Brewery on Raffaltplatz.

Frauenhainweg Educational Animal Trail Murau

A superb circular woodland trail with a lovely view over Murau and a tree hollow. Particularly suitable for families with children.
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From Murau over the Stolzalpe to St. Peter am Kammersberg

A popular route with views of the eastern 3,000ers of the Hohen Tauern mountain range; some planning is required in order to get back to the starting point.

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