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Tourismusverband Murau-Kreischberg
Liechtensteinstraße 3-5, 8850 Murau
Phone: +43 3532 2720


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TVB (i.e. the Tourism Association) pursuant to the Styrian Tourism Act
Chairman: Ing. Kurt Woitischeck
Vice Chairman: Gerhard Brix
Treasurer: Mag. Karl Fussi
General Manager: Tamara Schellander
VAT ID Number: ATU 607 866 25
Association Headquarters: 8850 Murau
Supervisory authority/Trade authority: FA12B Land Steiermark (Federal state of Styria)
Memberships with the organisation of economic chambers: Section Tourism & Leisure
Applicable legislation and access to this Act: Styrian Act on Tourism
Supervisory authorities/Trade authority: Land Steiermark (Federal state of Styria) Department 12b
Bestowal country: Austria


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