Stüberl Gabi Meissnitzer | © TVB Murau-Kreischberg

Stüberl Gabi Meissnitzer

The Stüberl is located at the EUCOC Center in Murau, not too far from the Stolzalpenkreuzung crossroads heading towards the centre. After a stroll or shopping spree, the array of pastries and ice creams is rather irresistible to accompany an unhurried rest on the terrace. Freshly prepared lunch menus are also available daily.

Opening times:
Monday to Saturday from 8 am to midnight
Closed Sunday and public holidays

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Eingang Stollen, Arsen, St. Blasen | © GH Kirchmoar
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Arsenik Stollen

What have drugs got to do with mining in 15th century? In the dark, narrow arsenic tunnels you will get to know the answer and more interesting stories about deep mining.
Kapelle, St. Blasen | © Naturpark Zirbitzkogel-Grebenzen
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One can follow the hiking trails by foot or by e-bike up to the 1544m high Mühlsteinboden. Up there stands a small pilgrimage church, an amazing viewpoint and a power spot where you can replenish your strength and energies.
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St. Lambrecht Outdoor Pools

The St. Lambrecht outdoor pool is great fun for the whole family. You can jump into the solar-heated water or play beach volleyball, table-tennis and badminton.
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Murau Craft Museum

The history of settlement in Murau dates back to the Copper Age. The oldest finds are from around 1750 BC. The minnesinger Ulrich von Liechtenstein founded the town at its present location. In 1928 Murau received the town charter. Through ...

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