Murau Craft Museum

The history of settlement in Murau dates back to the Copper Age. The oldest finds are from around 1750 BC. The minnesinger Ulrich von Liechtenstein founded the town at its present location. In 1928 Murau received the town charter. Through Liechtenstein‘s marriage to Anna Neumann the House of Schwarzenberg has had its seat in Murau for over 400 years. Workshops in their original state from Murau show the fascinating creativity, technical sophistication and artistic expression. So much is possible with craftsmanship. The special exhibitions The Capuchins of Murau and Knitter, Tailor, Linen Weaver; Spinner, Gravedigger tell the tale of the former owners of the museum and the development of the textile sector in the region. There are also vivid accounts of hammer masters, guilds, domestic life, agriculture, sport and trade.



15 April - 16 Oct,
Tues-Sat: 2:00pm - 6:00pm

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