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Nestled between the Sölk Pass and the Preber is the hiking region of Krakau, a member of Austria’s hiking village association. With countless peaks, mountain lakes, Alpine pastures and huts, as well as impressive flora and fauna, Krakau is considered an inside tip for hiking holidays in Austria.

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Tourismusregion Murau, Murau
Drop by the Steiner family in Seebach bei Ranten to watch the deer-feeding at the enclosure.
At 65 m, Günstner Waterfall is the highest in Styria. 250 to 300 litres of water per second plunge over smooth primary rock in three impressive cascades, foaming and roaring wildly down into the ...
Krakau, Murau
The Edelsteingarten und Mineralienmuseum (Gemstone Garden and Mineral Museum) is a place for mind, body and soul where you will find stones of all four elements. In the mineral museum you will find ...
Getreidemühle St. Ruprecht | © Holzwelt Murau
Tourismusregion Murau, Murau
The flour mill is located in the immediate vicinity of the Wood Museum in St. Ruprecht.
Martin Zeiller Garten | © Gemeinde Ranten
Tourismusregion Murau, Murau
The Martin Zeiller Trail was opened in 1989 to honour the 400th birthday of the author Martin Zeiller. It was designed by the sculptor Alfred Schlösser from Krottendorf - Gaisfeld.
Tourismusregion Murau
An easy tour starting at 1,583m at the Murauerhütte (mountain hut). It is an ideal hike for families, offering magnificent views over mountain pastures to the summit of the Frauenalpe.
Tourismusregion Murau
This long hike runs along hiking trails and mountain pastures to the world championship ski mountain of Kreischberg. For an easier family-friendly variant, take the gondola lift to the top.
Steirisches Zirbenland
Leave your tracks on the riding trail (right in front of the hotel) or the nearby “Krumpenloipe” trail! In St. Anna you have the chance to use a free single- and double-track cross-country skiing ...
Tourismusregion Murau, Murau
A long hike from Kreischberg to the Frauenalpe, offering superb views on alpine meadows and paths, making a wonderful tour for endurance hikers.
Tourismusregion Murau
A stunning circular trail that takes in the pearl of the region, the Hauserersee (lake). This shady route is especially good for hot days ‒ including a refreshing dip in the lake!
Cafe Zur Krone im Sommer | © TVB Murau-Kreischberg
Tourismusregion Murau
Café Zur Krone is located on Raffaltplatz, opposite the Murauer Brauerei. After a tour of the Brauerei der Sinne (Brewery of the Senses), the café is an appetising place for refreshments. If you've ...
Lercher's Wirtshaus - Hotel Gasthof Lercher | © Hotel Lercher
Tourismusregion Murau
The cuisine is gorgeously down-to-earth, the delicacies come predominantly from the region and the "culinary calendar" promises additional 'flavours of the month' from wild garlic to burgers. An ...
Freizeitwirt Laßnitz | © TVB Murau-Kreischberg
Tourismusregion Murau
At the Freizeitwirt in the idyllic town of Laßnitz bei Murau, guests can enjoy a delicious feast com-plete with warm hospitality and a cosy atmosphere.
Murauer Hütte Frauenalpe | © TVB Murau-Kreischberg | ikarus.cc
Tourismusregion Murau
Having completed your hike to the peak of the Frauenalpe, please visit us to enjoy a delectable feast in a romantic setting. Breathe in the fresh mountain air out on the sun terrace and linger for a ...
Tourismusregion Murau
The Sofiehütte is situated in Ranten, towards Trattenkogel am Berg. From here, you can set off on a wonderful hike up to the Trattenkogel peak. Its traditional, rural ambience never fails to delight.

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