Skitouren Paradies Frauenalpe | © TVB Murau-Kreischberg |

Climbing mountains on ski tours

Getting out and about on a pair of touring skis gives you a feeling like no other. For most, it’s a feeling of freedom. You’re not dependent on anything or anyone; you don’t have to queue for the lifts and you can divide your time and arrange your day exactly as you like. In the Murau-Kreischberg region, there are a number of ski tours available to choose from.

Ski touring on the Frauenalpe

The local recreation area of the Frauenalpe is just waiting for visitors to discover an unforgettable day of ski touring! This natural snow paradise used to be known as a ski resort now it welcomes winter holidaymakers in search of peace and tranquillity as well as winter sports enthusiasts. If there's enough snow, the descent to Murau will be groomed as well.


Ski touring on the Kreischberg

Those who would appreciate assistance by lift or simply want to feel reassured by the presence of a lift nearby are pointed in the direction of the Kreischberg. Mountain huts and bars are also in plentiful supply there. You can make your tour as long or as short as you want, and there are stunning views to be enjoyed from the four peaks. Take the 6-seater gondola lift to the mountain station (there is a lift tariff for ski tourers) and start your tour at an altitude of 1,800 m. For your own safety, please remember that the pistes are locked from 5 pm to 8.30 am.


The perfect ski tour

What makes your next ski tour perfect? By preparing properly, training sufficiently for your chosen route and making sure you bring the right equipment! Please remember to bring an avalanche rescue beacon! If you are doing a ski tour for the first time, it’s best to hike along the ski slope towards the top. This gives you the opportunity to come down anytime. You also don't have to bring with you all the avalanche gear, when you don't know if your physical condition is good enough or for how long it will suffice. Whichever tour you choose, always remember to match your ski tour to your fitness level. The rule of thumb: those planning a 4-hour tour should be able to ride a bike for four hours too.


Equipment checklist

  • Touring skis are usually shorter and wider than alpine skis; the binding also enables you to raise your heel
  • Ski skins stabilise you when climbing
  • Crampons are incorporated in the binding, when the snow is very icy and the ski skins are no longer sufficient
  • Telescopic poles can be height-adjusted
  • Helmet and ski goggles as well as sunglasses
  • Rucksack with avalanche probe, avalanche shovel, avalanche airbag, warm clothes, food and drink
  • Your mobile phone should be fully charged, as the battery is used more quickly through the cold