Freestyler am Rail im Snowpark Kreischberg | © QParks/Kreischberg | Roland Haschka

Freestyle in Murau-Kreischberg

Every tried freestyle in the snow? The Snowpark Kreischberg offers optimum conditions for snowboarders and skiers that love the discipline. Visitors can find the unique Snowpark at an altitude of 1,900 m right by the Sunshine lifts and the Kreischi-Schlepper (ski tow).

Snowpark at Kreischberg ski resort

Flatland, small jumps, big turns – freestyle means freedom on your skis or board. The Snowpark on the Kreischberg consists of a beginner line, medium area and fun pipe area. The small halfpipe from the early days of the freestyle scene on the Kreischberg is integrated into the Snowpark, which has become a real hotspot for freestyle. The park's design was the work of Demis Lotters.

The Kreischberg ski resort is an absolute dream for freestylers. Not for nothing was the FIS Snowboard World Championsship held on the Kreischberg, where the world's finest freestyle boarders came to compete.

But it isn't just the crème de la crème of the freestyle world that rate the Kreischberg so highly. Snowboarders and skiers come here from near and far to have some fun and get some action in the Snowpark. Its strong set-up and ideal training conditions are highly appreciated by those in the know.


Beginner line

The beginner line is made for all those just starting out in freestyle. But even so there are a few obstacles to enjoy tackling:

  • Box Flat 4 m
  • Box Flat/Down 6 m
  • Butter Box Butterrail 6 m
  • Butter Box Dance Floor 4 m
  • Butter Box Flat/Down 4 m
  • Butter Box Rainbox 6 m
  • Butter Box Wave/Dragontail 6 m
  • Jump Kicker 3 m
  • Snow elements Banked Wave


Medium area

Well-practised freestylers are well-served in the medium area on the Kreischberg. This is where you can display some tricks of a slightly more difficult nature:

  • Jib Multi Jib 6 m
  • Jib Tank 4 m
  • Jib Tank 5 m
  • Jib Wallride
  • Jump Kicker 6 m
  • Jump Kicker 7 m
  • Rail Down 6 m
  • Rail Down/Flat/Down 8 m
  • Rail Up 6 m
  • Snow elements Hip
  • Special Multibox 5 m


Fun pipe area

Proper freestyle fun is guaranteed in the fun pipe area. Here too there are some pretty cool obstacles to master:

  • Snow Element Banked Wave
  • Snow Element Double Banked Wave
  • Snow Element Wave
  • Special Double Mogul Run
  • Special Mini Pipe
  • Special Sound Booster 6 m

After a successful session in the Snowpark, freestyle enthusiasts can relax down at the Kastanienbar by the valley station. With views of the world championship terrain, this hangout was made for swapping tips and tricks.


Even more fun & action in the snow

The Kreischberg ski resort isn't just a freestyle hotspot. Ever heard of tubing? At the mountain station of the 6-seater gondola, you have the chance to whizz about 200 m down the slope on a "tube" (a kind of inflatable tyre) and are brought to a gentle halt by the counter slope. A winter holiday full of activities in the Murau-Kreischberg region just wouldn't be the same without this kind of fun!