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Cross-country skiing in the Murau-Kreischberg region

Arrive, enjoy, and refuel: this is what lies in store when you go cross-country skiing in possibly the most charming part of Styria. The Murau-Kreischberg region is home to some of the most stunning cross-country trails in the district of Murau, which blend beautifully into the picturesque landscape. Guaranteed snow and night runs included! Cross-country skiing is not only healthy for the body – exercise in the fresh air puts cares far behind you and frees your mind.

Cross-country trails with guaranteed snow

Depending on weather conditions, there are around 40 km of double wide trails waiting for you in the Murau-Kreischberg region. Cross-country skiing in the Murau-Kreischberg region is usually possible from November so somewhat earlier than other winter regions. Artificial snow production on the trails takes place early accordingly. The cross-country trails are suitable for professional athletes as well as for amateurs and offer a huge amount of diversity: in villages, on the mountain or along the Mur.


Trails awarded the Styrian Quality Seal

The Loipenzentrum Weirerteich (a cross-country skiing centre) between Laßnitz and St. Lambrecht has been awarded the Styrian Quality Seal and offers snow-making facilities, floodlights and a biathlon shooting range. There are several levels of difficulty set over three stages at the Loipenzentrum in Laßnitz bei Murau and up to 14 km of double wide trails available when the weather allows (fees apply).

A new snow-making facility has been erected along the Weirerteich trail, guaranteeing 100 % snow. Thanks to the floodlit complex, you can go cross-country skiing across 2 km in this area every Tuesday and Thursday until 9 pm. In addition, a shooting range has been set up on the trail, so guests have the chance to try their hand at the biathlon or practise their skills.

The valley trail starts from the Weirerteich trail and is a short circular course passing through forested sections and sloping meadows. The valley trail has a linking section between the Weirerteich trail and the village trail.

The village trail starts at the Freizeitwirt in Laßnitz and is a circular route, looping across gently rolling meadows.


Renting cross-country skiing equipment

Sport Maier's Nordic Shop is located at the entrance to the Weirerteich trail. Come here to rent out your cross-country ski equipment or to book a cross-country course. Taster sessions and day courses are also offered for learning the art of cross-country skiing. If you prefer to buy your own gear or get yourself some cross-country outfits, Sport Maier is the place to go.


Healthy winter sport

Cross-country skiing is without doubt a healthy sport; maybe even healthier than other winter sports, say the experts. Cross-country skiing is easy on the joints, trains the entire musculoskeletal system, strengthens the torso muscles and limbs and also encourages a healthy cardiovascular system through endurance training.


Cross-country skiing for women

It isn't just the popular Cross-Country & Yoga days in the Murau-Kreischberg region that make it abundantly clear: cross-country skiing is a perfect winter sport for women. Gentle strength training that is easy on the joints is as good for the female body as moderate endurance training. In winter, however, it's important to gather your strength. Extreme weather conditions such as the cold, wind, sun or light snowfall can turn cross-country skiing into a strenuous task. It's best to check the weather in advance and think about applying cream to protect against the cold and/or sun. Also take into account the 'onion principle' approach to layering your clothing.

If you haven't gone cross-country skiing for a long time, or are new to the sport, we recommend a cross-country skiing course or taster course. This will teach you the key elements and proper techniques under professional instruction. During Cross-Country & Yoga Days, the course is lead by a female instructor. It's even more fun in a group!


Natural trails

The cross-country trails supplied with natural snow are accessible free of charge. Use of these trails, of course, depends on the snow conditions. The circular courses at the golf course in St. Lorenzen and outside Stadl an der Mur, as well as in Ranten, come as a delight to beginners and advanced practitioners alike. Depending on the snow conditions, part of the Murradweg is also groomed.

TIP: Travel as long as you like on the trail and then get on the Murtalbahn railway that runs parallel. The narrow gauge railway will take you onwards or back to where you started. The 2.5 km high-altitude trail on the Kreischberg awaits, where you can choose between classic and skating style. Ride the gondola lift for a comfortable ascent.


What do newcomers to cross-country skiing need to consider?

  • It's best to start cross-country skiing on the classic variant.
  • Cross-country skiing looks easy, but is technically very challenging. It's extremely important to glide properly; beginners are highly advised to take a cross-country skiing course.
  • Especially beginners shouldn't choose trails that are too long or too difficult; we also advise against steep gradients.
  • Cross-country trails are classified in the same way as ski slopes: blue is easy, red is moderate and black is difficult.
  • Your selected clothing should be breathable. Make sure you are not too warmly dressed; unlike skiing, there are no lifts to ride, so you are always on the move.
  • A small rucksack for drinks and snacks is definitely advised.
  • Bring cycling gloves to prevent blisters.

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