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Holiday activities

The Murau-Kreischberg holiday region offers the right range of options for your holiday at any time of year and is hard to beat in terms of leisure activities. Winter is dominated by all kinds of wintersports. In spring, summer and autumn, hikers and cyclists will find exactly what they want. If you have some time in between or would like to discover something new, there are many other attractive offers.

Riding in the Murau-Kreischberg region

Tip: Discover the region on horseback on a guided ride or trail ride together! There is of course a lunge also available for those who are not yet so experienced or would like to start again. You can also try a riding taster course to see if it is something you enjoy.


Riding safety

You should always ride in pairs or in groups, because horses are always calmer when in groups. Remember to take your mobile phone in case of emergency! You should always check and maintain your equipment. Always wear a riding helmet and a safety vest!


Fishing on holiday

Fishing fans will find exactly what they want. In the dammed areas around Bodendorf and St. Georgen, you can fish in the green waters of the River Mur. There are 2.5 km of waters where you can fish for brown and rainbow trout. You can get fishing licences from Kreischberg tourist information office.

The Rottenmann Pond is around 3 hectares and is around 7 km from Murau. You can get fishing licences directly at the pond.


Fishing rules

You may use all permitted fishing methods stipulated in the Styrian Fisheries Act. Live and multiple baits as well as lures may not be used. Barbs must be pressed on and there must be no lead below the bait.


Rafting adventures

If you haven't yet, you should definitely try rafting while on holiday in the Murau-Kreischberg region. There are supervisors and state-certified boat guides available to introduce you to the sport. You can of course hire all the equipment you need on site at Murtal Rafting in Stadl an der Mur. All you need to bring is you swimming things and a towel.


What is rafting?

Rafting has been a popular recreational sport in Central Europe since the mid-1980s. Rafting involves negotiating rivers on an inflatable dinghy. Rafts are available for two to twelve people. Rafting has become a relatively safe pastime thanks to highly developed modern safety measures.