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Hiking in the Murau-Kreischberg region

Nestled between the Nockberge and the Niedere Tauern in Styria, the Murau-Kreischberg region offers a whole host of hiking trails for families, pleasure walkers and summiteers. Enjoy a unique natural experience offering breathtaking views, fresh mountain air and beautiful landscapes!

Peak tours, round trails, walking paths

Whether you'd like to do a short tour with the family or climb a peak, you're sure to find the right hiking trail for you.

The gondola lift on the Kreischberg offers a comfortable leg-up for hiking on lush alpine meadows. The family-friendly hiking tours on the Gstoder (2,140 m) and the Frauenalpe (1,997 m) are greeted with superb views after just a short time walking!

Experienced hikers can also find a tour that suits their needs in the Murau-Kreischberg region. For example, storm to the top of the Preber (2,740 m) or do a stage of the Hemma Pilgrimage Route, which passes via several peaks. Once at the top, a spectacular panorama of the surrounding mountains awaits. The sunrises and sunsets here are incredible, and highly recommended.

Get to know the region's charming local towns on a number of circular hikes: head from Stadl via the Kreischberg to St. Lorenzen or from Murau to St. Georgen via the Pisesweg.

Beautiful themed trails that also make for great short walks with children can be found in the form of the Frauenhainweg or the Käferweg ("Beetle Trail"). The region also supplies a number of short walks that you can do with a pram. Pick up a brochure at the tourist information office.

Of course, multi-day tours and long-distance hiking trails such as the "From Glacier to Wine – Southern Route" should absolutely not be forgotten.

Try some of the countless hiking routes in the Murau-Kreischberg region with the aid of the hiking map and tour book, which you can get from the tourist information offices.

Particularly industrious hikers will be rewarded for their efforts with a hiking pin: silver or gold hiking boots. Win the silver hiking boot after a four-peaks tour on the Gstoder, Kreischberg, Frauenalpe and Stolzalpe. The golden hiking boot can only be acquired after conquering eight peaks. These are the Kreischberg, the Rosenkranzhöhe, the Kirbisch, the Goldachnock, the Prankerhöhe, the Schwarmbrunnhöhe, the Ackerlhöhe and the Frauenalpe.

Discover the multi-faceted hiking network in the Murau-Kreischberg region!