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Safety and behaviour when hiking

Hiking in the Murau-Kreischberg region between the Nockberge and Niedere Tauern mountains in Styria is a chance to experience the beautiful nature and fresh mountain air. With so many well-marked trails, you're sure to find the right tour for your hiking holiday.

Tips for your hiking holiday

Here are a few tips to ensure that your holiday in the Murau-Kreischberg region runs smoothly. The most important information for mountain hikers is summarised below:



Plan your trip carefully and stay flexible. Not every hike is suitable for everyone. It is therefore it is important to plan your hike well and discuss it with everyone travelling with you. Take physical ability into account, particularly if there are children with you. Always plan an alternative hike, so you have another option! Please let your accommodation providers know the route you intend to hike and what time you intend to return – particularly if you are alone!



Choose appropriate equipment and clothing for your hike! Sturdy shoes with non-slip soles and clothing to protect you from the rain and cold are particularly important. Always pay attention to local conditions. You can always encounter different terrain and other difficulties. Pack only what you really need so that you don't have to carry unnecessary weight. Always take your rubbish with you.



It is advisable to check the regional weather before starting your hike. You can also get up-to-date weather information from locals. The weather often changes unexpectedly in the mountains. In very bad weather, break off your hike and find a safe, dry, place.


Grazing animals

On the mountain pastures you will regularly come across cows, calves, sheep, horses and other animals. Please remain calm during these encounters and do not irritate the animals. Do not stray from the trail when travelling across the pastures. Ensure that you maintain sufficient distance from the animals, especially in the case of mothers with their young!



Dogs must always be kept on a lead. However, if a grazing animal attacks your dog, you should let it off the line for your own protection. Do not attempt to defend your dog from grazing animals.


Walking speed and breaks

Don't overdo it on the mountain! The pace of the hike should always be oriented towards the slowest. Take regular breaks to eat and drink so that you maintain optimal performance at all times.


Marked trails

Please always stay on the marked trails to guarantee that the natural habitat of the animals and plants is preserved and respected.



Always remain calm in an emergency. Seek help using your mobile phone, calling, light signals or waving large items of clothing.


Mountain rescue emergency number: 140