Gemütlich auf der Berg7 Terrasse  | © TVB Murau-Kreisschberg |

Refreshing on the mountain in style!

After a lovely walk, there's nothing like dropping by a cosy mountain hut for a bite to eat! Enjoy a good rest, taking the opportunity to admire our peaks and recharge your batteries on the wonderful sun terraces.

Heartfelt hospitality

People say that from an altitude of 1,000 m, everyone is on first-name terms! Meaning that hiking opens you up to simple new acquaintanceships and the chance to immerse yourself happily in nature with a great deal of humour and bright spirit. Particularly up on the peak and on an alpine hike, you can look forward to encountering friendly faces at every turn. And this warmth and cordiality is also the order of the day on a visit to one of the mountain huts.

Hiking trails

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Weißensteinhütte - Ameringkogel

Ausgehend von der Weißensteinhütte geht es auf dem 2,9 km langem Wanderweg bis zum 2.187 Meter hohen Ameringkogel. Deiser ist die höchsten Erhebung der Stubalpe und damit des gesamten weststeirischen Randgebirges.