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Murau Crafts Museum

The Murau Museum of Crafts showcases complete workshops from the town of Murau. Traditional working methods are demonstrated using a variety of old, long-lost tools and everyday objects. Plus: Learn all about the history of crafts and the emergence of the industrial arts in Murau.

The ground floor of the Museum of Crafts is barrier-free. On the upper floor, visitors have the opportunity to discover an array of interesting facts about the medieval town of Murau, its founding by the minnesinger Ulrich von Liechtenstein, the most notable woman of Murau, Anna Neumann (whose last husband was Georg Ludwig von Schwarzenberg), the pioneers of skiing, market law, and much more. An exhibition on firefighting and life and work on the land can be found on the topmost floor.


16 June to 30 September
Tuesday to Saturday from 2.00 pm to 6.00 pm

Adults € 8.00
Groups over 10 people € 7.00
students € 4.00.

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