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Golfing on holiday or a golfing holiday?

The Murau-Kreischberg region is a wonderful place for a golfing holiday or golfing on holiday! They’re not quite the same thing.

Golfing holidays in the Murau-Kreischberg region

If you want a relaxing golfing holiday, you need one or two well-maintained courses and a hotel or pension that meets your requirements. The Murau-Kreischberg region offers exactly this: it has a total of 4 golf courses in the immediate vicinity. There are of course a wide range of accommodation in different categories so that you can choose the one that suits you best. As a guest at one of the partner establishments, your Murtal Greenfee card is just € 48.00! Have a look at the Murau-Kreischberg region's golf partner establishments!


Golfing on holiday

Do you take holidays at a leisurely pace or do you like them a little more active? The Murau-Kreischberg region has just the right thing for every taste! If you want to play golf one afternoon during your holiday, it's no problem at all of course. Simply reserve your teeing-off time online or work on your technique at the driving range. Every Tuesday and Wednesday senior citizens can enjoy a reduced green fee at the Golfclub Murau. There are golf lessons to get the certification required to play the course, group and individual training sessions, as well as on-site golf pros, who will help you work on your handicap.

Golfclub Murau – Kreischberg

The definition of golf

Golf is a traditional ball sport. The aim is to play a ball into the hole in as few shots as possible. There are official golf rules that every golfer must adhere to. A par is defined for each hole. A par is a stroke. You need to get the ball into the hole in a certain number of shots (par).


Etiquette on the golf course

The point of etiquette on the golf course is the safety and consideration of those on the course. There follows a short excerpt:

  • Safety on the golf course
    Before a shot, the golfer must make sure that nobody is standing so close to him that the club or ball could hit him.
  • Warnings
    If, despite all precautions, someone could be endangered, the golfer must immediately and loudly call "Fore!". Every golfer knows the term.
  • What to do when you hear "Fore!"
    Immediately place your arms over your head to protect it and duck.
  • Consideration
    No one may move, speak or stand close to or behind the hole when a golfer plays a shot.
  • Speed
    The game must always be played without delay.
  • Playing through
    Twosomes have the right to overtake threesomes or foursomes. Single players do not have any right over other groups and must let all other groups overtake them.
  • Care for the course
    Damage to the golf course must be avoided. However, if a piece of grass is removed by a club, causing a divot, it must be replaced and trodden firmly back into place. Furthermore, any pitchmarks caused by the ball landing on the green must be repaired using a pitchfork.