Bike hire for a successful holiday

If you're planning a holiday in the Murau-Kreischberg region and don't want to take your bikes with you, there are numerous providers in the region where you can rent your favourite bike. Perhaps you're not yet sure where you want to go cycling while on holiday. Bike hire companies can offer you advice.

Hire and service stations


Intersport Pintar Bike hire and servicing
Address: Bundesstraße 7a, 8850 Murau, Tel: +43 3532 2397
Opening hours: Monday to Friday: 8.30 am to 6.00 pm and Saturday: 8.30 am to 12.30 pm
Services offered: Shop, bike hire, e-bike hire and servicing
Price: from € 18.00 per day and € 69.00 per week for adults. Children only pay half.


Sport Suli at the RelaxResort on the Kreischberg
Address: Kreischberg 2, 8861 St. Georgen am Kreischberg, Tel: +43 664 322 85 86
Opening hours: Monday - Friday: 8.30am to 11.00 am and 5.00 pm to 6.00 pm; Saturday: 8.30 am to 10.00 am
Services offered: Bike hire, e-bike hire and servicing
Price: from € 14.00 per day and € 45.00 per week for adults. Children only pay half.


Alpengasthof Krische Frauenalpe Hire Station
Address: Frauenalpe 1, 8850 Murau, Tel.: +43 3532 2320
Opening hours: Every day except Monday. Please book in advance by phone.
Services offered: e-mountainbike hire
Price: € 19.00 / € 35.00 for adults and € 16.00 / € 29.00 for children


Hire bike holidays

Let's say you spend a week with your family in Murau, whether in spring, summer or autumn, enjoy the city's infrastructure, drink coffee on one of the wonderful terraces outside a café, stroll leisurely along the Mur and think to yourself, "It would be nice to go for a bike ride with the kids". Well, it's no problem at all. There are numerous family-friendly cycle routes and the right bikes for the whole family are available for hire. Another option is that the kids take part in one of the many activities during the school holidays and the parents have a few hours to yourselves. With your bike you can reach many great sights and destinations you could otherwise only reach by car.

Should I hire a bike or an e-bike?

The Murau-Kreischberg region naturally also offers you the chance to hire bikes and e-bikes. If you've never tried an e-bike before, then your next holiday might just be the perfect opportunity!


E-bikes offer clear advantages:

  • They are suitable for all generations.
  • e-bikes have become a popular means of transport, especially for older people.
  • It doesn't take long to get used to it and then there's nothing in the way of a relaxed bike ride.
  • Steep climbs and demanding sections are no problem at all.
  • It's the perfect means of transport for short distances in the city and is a great alternative to a car.
  • E-bikes do not produce any harmful emissions.


You can also hire an e-mountainbike on the Frauenalpe, Murau's local mountain. So there's nothing in the way of a stress-free bike ride to the summit of the Frauenalpe! Enjoy the view on the high plateau of the Frauenalpe or ride up to the summit cross at 1,997 m.


Charging stations for your e-bike

If you want your e-bike to function as it should, you need charging stations. At the charging stations you can find the answers to questions such as: How far can I get on a charged e-bike?

Where can I recharge my e-bike on my bike ride?

  • Murau charging station, on the Raffaltplatz
  • Murau charging station, on the Schillerplatz
  • Murau charging station, Schwarzenbergstraße
  • St. Ruprecht ob Murau charging station, at the Wood Museum