Holiday with a dog

Holidaying with your dog

Taking your pet on holiday isn't always easy, especially when the basic conditions aren't quite right. In the Murau-Kreischberg region, however, your four-legged friend is more than welcome. A wide variety of hotels and guesthouses are on hand to greet you and your dog, providing all the necessary services.

Hiking and walking with your dog

Numerous hiking trails in the Murau-Kreischberg region are open to dogs and their humans. Gambolling about in the great outdoors with your dog is great fun, not to mention healthy for the pair of you! There are just as many walking trails too! For example, you can stroll along the River Mur or the Mur promenade in wonderfully leisurely fashion. Take in the sights of the medieval wooden verandas and admire the "Katzengöttin" and "Murna" artworks. You and your pet are certain to love the waterfall trail in St. Lorenzen too; it takes about half an hour to get there. Of course, there is also the popular hiking badge pass; get a stamp for yourself and your faithful buddy and achieve your personal goals together. It's a holiday with your dog that you will certainly never forget!

Holidaying with your dog

Explore the Frauenalpe with your dog

Formerly a ski resort, the Frauenalpe has been converted into a local recreation area. Summer or winter, it is a perfect destination for you and your dog. Perhaps you’d like to try a snowshoe hike in winter; it’s more than likely your pet will absolutely love tumbling about in the snow; the Frauenalpe was and still is known as a natural paradise for the white stuff! Away from the ski resort, you also have the chance to enjoy winter in perfect serenity. There are numerous inns and restaurants in Murau and the surrounding towns that are looking forward to your visit.


Reasons to take a holiday with your dog

  • Top of the list, of course: so that you won't miss your four-legged friend!
  • Breaks on the motorway are more fun and active if your pet is with you. You move around more, preparing you physically for the onward journey.
  • Your dog's sheer joy when he realises he's coming with you.
  • Long walks that you and your dog can do together, enabling you to get to know the region even more quickly.
  • Strolls along little streams are considerably more entertaining.


Checklist for a holiday with your dog

  • EU pet permit
  • Copy of your dog's liability insurance
  • Dog holiday label with holiday address and phone number
  • Canine sleeping rug
  • Water and food bowl, possibly dog food
  • Water for the journey
  • First-aid kit
  • Favourite toy