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Farm holidays

Farm holidays

A holiday on the farm can mean anything from a relaxing break for two, an adventure holiday, a gourmet vacation or a holiday for the whole family. So you see: a farm holiday is a fantastic option regardless of why you are travelling.

Break for two on the farm

Immerse yourself in tranquil rural bliss, far away from the hubbub of everyday life. Savour this closeness to nature and simply enjoy the serenity that nature brings. Waking up to birdsong is a much calmer way to begin each day, for a start. At last you have some time for yourself, with no appointments, no commitments, no mad rush. Amble along the numerous walking trails, take a leisurely hike or cycling tour and enjoy the region's culinary delicacies.

Adventure holiday on the farm

The Murau-Kreischberg region offers ample opportunity for your next action-packed vacation. Hiking trails, cycling trails, golf, swimming, horse riding, tennis – it's all right outside your door. In winter, visitors can't help but feel the pull of the Kreischberg for skiing, but there's also the Frauenalpe for snowshoe hiking or ski touring.


Gourmet vacation on the farm

Where could you get fresher products than straight from the farm? The range of culinary options in the Murau-Kreischberg region will fill you with delight. It has everything you could possibly want, from snack bars to connoisseur restaurants. Even when you're out walking or cycling, you will come across mountain huts brimming with tradition and excellent home-style fare. Recharge your batteries and take some time out to enjoy!


Holiday for the whole family on the farm

A holiday on the farm is a unique experience for the whole family. For children in particular, there's a virtually endless array of possible leisure activities. Around the farms, you will find innumerable sporting activities and of course pure, unadulterated nature! Unlike cities, there are meadows and forests for letting off steam, and every minute exploring reveals new playgrounds to enjoy. Lending a hand on the farm itself is also a great experience, especially for the kids. After all, it's not every day that you get the chance to pet these kinds of animals.


What does a farm holiday entail?

  • A farm holiday establishment is an active farm.
  • As a guest, you have the chance to take part in everyday farm life.
  • You can pitch in, enjoy the farm's very own produce and – most importantly for children – touch the animals.
  • Farm holiday establishments are subject to quality criteria and are regularly checked to ensure their compliance.
  • And don't forget the family connection; there's always someone on hand to give you insider tips for excursions, who knows the region inside out.