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Jausenstation Bräuhauser

The Pichler family offers produce from their own farm and those of their neighbours. As a small family-run business, they run their establishment with a great deal of love and care. The alpine 'snack station' offers a cosy guest parlour with conservatory, from which the playground can be accessed.

At the Bräuhauser, you will be indulged with "Brettljaus'n" (platter of cold cuts) and Styrian delights. Fresh bread is baked several times a week; ham and bacon are available from the farm; and the hostess herself takes care of the herb garden, juice, jams, noble brandies and other goodies. Plus: you will find a petting zoo, playground and spacious playroom.

Every Friday is "Backhendl" night (typical fried breaded chicken), and in summer there's a barbecue night every Wednesday on the sun terrace (in good weather). Roast pork fresh from the oven, beef delicacies and pork knuckle are available by advance booking. Snack platters can be carefully prepared for your parties at home.

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