Museums in the Murau-Kreischberg region

A museum is a professional facility that is permanently open to the public; its aim is to conserve and safeguard objects that bear testament to a particular theme. It goes without saying that this is also true of the museums of the Murau-Kreischberg region. A variety of facilities offer experience, history and fascinating facts on a plethora of subjects of regional importance.

The museum as an all-weather option

The big advantage of a museum, of course, is that you can visit it whatever the weather. That doesn't mean that museums are merely a way to pass the time when the weather is bad ‒ they provide a great deal of interesting information about the history of Murau and the region. The Brewery of the Senses and the Wood Museum cater to the requirements of visitors with special needs, making them a mostly accessible experience. Museums always make for an exciting joint excursion for the whole family!


A variety of museums awaits you in Murau

The beer town of Murau is, as you might expect, very proud of its beer. The Brewery of the Senses provides visitors with a multi-sensory experience of Murau's beer, hence its popular title as the 'interactive world of beer'. One absolute highlight is definitely the display brewery. The Protestant Diocesan Museum in Murau, housed in the early Baroque church of St. Elizabeth, invites all interested visitors to learn more about the Protestant church in Styria. You can visit the Museum by yourself or as part of a guided tour. The Murau Crafts Museum (Handwerksmuseum) in Murau is home to complete workshops from the town. All these museums are located in Murau, so if you want to schedule in a museum day during your holiday, it's very easy to walk from one to the other!


Fascinating places in the region

The Wood Museum exhibits everything you could possibly think of to do with this raw material in a space spanning 10,000 m², both indoors and out. At the Interactive World of Wood, you will find old workshops, a Holzknechthütte and old, agricultural tools. In summer, a special creative programme is offered for families. Crafting, painting and working with wood is a great way to amuse yourself on holiday. The newly designed Wood-Water Playground is particularly great for families. Plus, the Stolzalpe Health and Science Museum (Gesundheitswerkstätte) is located very close to the hospital; it offers guided tours, not to mention plenty of fascinating information and adventure for the children.