Mit Anna Neumann unterwegs auf Entdeckungsreise | © Holzwelt Murau |

Guided tours in the region

Many destinations and churches regularly offer guided tours, giving you the opportunity to delve even deeper into your chosen subject of interest. Of course, questions are welcome on your guided tours. Find out everything you wanted to know from our experts, who will be pleased to answer whatever’s on your mind.

Church tours

It goes without saying that you can visit the churches during opening hours. Guided visits are regularly held in German (some explanations in English possible), enabling you to deepen your knowledge about individual buildings. Rising above the old town of Murau is the parish church, dedicated to St. Matthew, where guided church tours and visits to the crypt are regularly organised. The wooden chapel of rest at the Ägidikirche (church of St. Egidi) in Murau is a 'World of Wood' object; the church itself is the oldest succursal church in Murau. The early Baroque Elisabethkirche (church of St. Elizabeth), now housing the Protestant Diocesan Museum of Murau, emerged from the Gothic chapel of Murau's former community hospital. Meanwhile, St. Leonhardkirche (church of St. Leonhard) is a succursal church of the parish of Murau, and is situated on a hill south of the town.


Tour experiences

Take a tour (in German) with the famous Anna Neumann, who made such a lasting impact on the town of Murau. Attired in the traditional costume of the time, she will tell you all about her life and work at eight stops. Alternatively, take an audio tour through Murau, allowing you to decide the duration of your walk and how to split your time. Audio devices with options for German, English, Hungarian and Italian are available from the tourist information office in Murau. If you would like to learn more about Murau’s history, we recommend a historical town tour (only offered in German).


Museum tours

The Wood Museum regularly offers guided tours through the different exhibition areas. In summer, there are also regular events for all ages. The Stolzalpe Health and Science Museum (Gesundheitswerkstätte) combines a look at present-day medicine with a journey through the medicine of the past.

The Murau Crafts Museum displays many old tools and everyday objects, while visitors to the Brewery of the Senses will learn all about beer manufacture, both then and now. Perched above the town of Murau, Castle Murau can only be visited as part of a tour (in German) during the summer.