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Churches in the Murau-Kreischberg region

Numerous churches in the region invite you to step inside and take a few moments to savour the peace and tranquillity. Some are located on a hill; a wonderful setting to walk to and enjoy the view. Others are situated in the heart of town. You will be enthralled by the various architectural styles.

Catholic churches in the region

St. Leonhardkirche in Murau (church of St. Leonhard) sits atop a hill and is encircled by a defensive wall. Guided tours are offered in German on selected dates. The chapel of rest at the Ägidikirche in Murau (church of St. Egidi) is a contemporary timber construction and one of Murau's 'World of Wood' objects. Again, church tours are offered in German on certain dates. A particularly beautiful parish church can be found in Ranten, with Romanesque, Gothic and late Baroque architectural features. The Lorenzikirche (church of St. Lawrence) is a small edifice with a painted wooden ceiling. In Bodendorf, the Cäciliakirche (church of St. Cecilia) is a small Gothic jewel with a simple pulpit. The parish church of St. Ruprecht was most likely first built in the 13th century. Murau's parish church sits above the old town; it is a Gothic structure and is among the earliest buildings in Styria. Tours are offered in German. One notable feature of the St. Nikolaus parish church is the larger-than-life Gothic figure of the Redeemer on the Cross, dating back to the 19th century. The parish church of St. Georgen was remodelled in the late Gothic period, when it was vaulted and given three aisles. The Stolzalpenkirche boasts a very distinctive tower, emerging from the entirety of the facade. The route to the parish church of Stadl is illuminated at night. At the St. Anne's Cemetery Church, you will find a wealth of late medieval church fittings. The Capuchin Church and monastery were founded by Imperial Count Georg Ludwig of Schwarzenberg. The Jakobuskirche (church of St. James) is essentially a medieval church, converted in the Baroque period.


Protestant churches in the region

The church of St. Elisabeth in Murau is a rather squat, early Baroque building, with a Gothic sacristy adjoining the eastern section. It was sold in 2002 by Karl von Schwarzenberg to the Protestant municipality of Murau-Lungau for the nominal sum of € 1.00.


Religions in Styria

The main religions are Catholic and the Protestant. In Styria, Catholics make up about 80 % of the total population. The Roman Catholic Diocese of Graz-Seckau is responsible for the Catholic community. Around 10 % of the population has no particular religious affiliation. Around 5 % of the total population is Protestant; the Protestant Superintendency A.B. (Augsburg Confession, belonging to the Lutheran tradition) is responsible for the Protestant faith community.