Culinary art in Murau-Kreischberg

Fine dining and discovering a delicacy or two – the Murau-Kreischberg region invites you on an exquisite culinary journey. From the hearty "Brettljause" (platter of cold cuts) to the exclusive dinner, you will find everything the heart ‒ or stomach ‒ could wish for. Our hosts are looking forward to your visit.

Murau-Kreischberg gourmet region

The Murau-Kreischberg region is a beautiful part of Styria, its landscape distinguished by meadows, forests, valleys and mountains. And Styrian cuisine is no less varied. Awaiting you is a veritable cornucopia of culinary specialities, which you can sample during your holiday in the region. Food and drink keeps body and soul together. So go ahead and treat yourself!


Murauer Bier

Murauer Bier is the poster child for the Murau-Kreischberg region. It has been brewed in the town of Murau for over 500 years. The Brauerei Murau is Austria's fifth-largest brewery and produces 275,000 hectolitres a year. In 2010, Murau was designated a "town of beer" and the inhabitants couldn't be prouder. The brewery is privately owned, based in the old town of Murau, and has been CO2-neutral since 2016. Learn more about it at the beer museum, the so-called Brewery of the Senses, or taste your way through the beer menu at the Beer Pharmacy.



Another speciality of the region is Zirbenschnaps. The Zirbe (Swiss stone pine) is a very rare tree in the pine family, and is commonly found in the Alps. Zirbenschnaps is derived from its fruit (the cone), and it's a pretty tiring process. The cones are not fully mature and a blue-violet colour. Still rather resinous, they give the schnapps its distinctive aroma and red hue. Some people also believe that Zirbenschnaps has a medicinal effect.


Murtaler Steirerkäse

Murtal Styrian Cheese is produced in the districts of Murau and Murtal from ripened curd cheese. The dairy product is mixed with salt and milk, sprinkled with caraway seeds and pepper, then heated until the mixture melts (cooked cheese). It is a firm cheese and tastes great on bread with lashings of farmhouse butter.


Pumpkin seed oil

Seed oil is a Styrian speciality, drizzled over salad or used to enhance dishes. It is made from pumpkin seeds, which come predominantly from the south of the state. It is particularly delicious poured over vanilla ice cream.


Buy Murau specialities

The farm shop in Murau stocks all kinds of delectable farm-grown goodies. At Allerlei shop in Murau, you can get regional specialities and their very own "Murau hamper". Delicacies from the Murau-Kreischberg region make great souvenirs of your holiday, for yourself or for your loved ones back home.