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Regional specialities

Regional specialities can be found throughout Styria, indeed throughout all of Austria. Austria's culinary landscape is characterised by special products produced only in a particular region. Farmers often sell their products straight from the farm or at farmers' markets. Special products are designed and created for special occasions

Regional products for wining and dining

Each region takes great pride in its regional products and specialities, and of course the Murau-Kreischberg region is no different. This is clearly reflected in the menus on offer at the numerous restaurants and taverns. A plethora of snack bars offer the typical "Brettljause" (platter of cold cuts) consisting of local products plus of course some Murau Bier to quench your thirst. Many countryside taverns catering for day-trippers run their own farms. You simply can't get any fresher than that!


Murauer Bier

Beer has been brewed in Murau for over 500 years. The district of Murau has the highest proportion of forest area in Austria and is well known for its pure air and excellent water quality. The quality of the beer takes absolute precedence, and this is something that you can definitely taste. Based on extensive experience, the secrets of beer-brewing have been passed down at the Brauerei Murau since 1495.


Schwarzenberg'sche Fischzucht

The noble house of Schwarzenberg looks back on a rich history, and has shaped the town of Murau for 400 years. Many developments have been linked directly to this dynasty. The Fürstlich Schwarzenberg'sche Familienstiftung (Princely Schwarzenberg Family Foundation) had a fish farm built at the Laßnitzbach in 1968, where crystalline mountain water guarantees optimum living conditions for the trout.


Local game

As a hunting district, Murau is rather small but operates in a well-structured manner. Careful, meticulous game selection when hunting ensures a biodiverse and healthy habitat. The proof of this is in the eating! Numerous restaurants and taverns put on special game weeks: game is traditionally served with red cabbage and Knödel (dumplings), but of course all other garnishes go perfectly with it too.