Schischulhütte am Kreischberg | © Schischule Kreischberg | Mayer

Ski school Kreischberg / Mayer

The Kreischberg-Mayer ski school has been a fixture on the mountain since 1978. In addition to children's courses and adult courses, it also offers private lessons in skiing and snowboarding. The ski school office is located at the valley station for the Kreischberg lifts; the ski school cabin is up on the Kreischberg, 100 m to the right of the mountain station for the 6-seater gondola lift.

Options range from week-long ski courses (five days, € 140.00) to half-week ski courses (three days, € 120.00) and one-day group courses (€ 60.00) to private lessons (from € 45.00).

Course times: 10 am to 12 pm and 1.30 pm to 3.30 pm.

The following sports and disciplines are also taught:
Carving, snowboarding, cross-country, telemark, new school, racing, mogul, guided ski tours.

Cash payment only.

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Braukessel in der Brauerei | © Brauerei Murau eGen | Romana Steiner
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Brewery of the Senses

As of now, Styria has one more delectable destination up its sleeve: a special interactive beer experience, the "Brewery of the Senses" has been set up at the Murau Brewery on Raffaltplatz.
Kreischberg Gondelbahn Sommerbetrieb | © TVB Murau-Kreischberg |
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Kreischberg gondola in summer

In summer, this mountain ‒ which has previously hosted world winter sports championships ‒ proves a beautiful hiking area for the whole family! Take the gondola lift from the valley up to an altitude of 1,800 m.
Badesee Stadl Freizeitanlage | © Gemeinde Stadl-Predlitz | Wolfgang Schlick
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Stadl swimming lake

On the southern edge of Stadl an der Mur is a beautiful lake where you can swim to your heart's content. The shallow waters and large surface area of this lake ensure warm water temperatures. The Ice Tower and the freefall slide are very popular ...
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Wood Museum St. Ruprecht

Since 1988, the Wood Museum has stood in the heart of the "world of wood" area of Murau in St. Ruprecht ob Murau. It's a remarkable place for learning all about this fascinating raw material, with facilities spanning over 10,000 m² both indoors and ...
Audio Guide Tour durch Murau | © TVB Murau-Kreischberg
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Audio tour of Murau

Experience the medieval town of Murau (district capital) with an audio guide. Get a closer insight into the exciting history of Murau, of Anna Neumann, and of wood.

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