Die Bierapotheke in Murau | © Brauerei Murau | Karl Pürer

Beer Pharmacy

Following intensive renovation works, the old Salvator Apotheke (pharmacy) has been transformed into a hot new venue in the heart of the 'beer town' of Murau. And not only is it in the heart of town, but also, according to the records, in the town's oldest building.

The Murauer Bierapotheke (literally "beer pharmacy") is an original venue for convivial gatherings, but it also has a shop where you can buy the typical old pharmacy products. In addition to medicinal remedies derived from our highly sought-after hops blossom, you can also get some beer in "small doses".

Opening times:
Your friendly Murau "beer pharmacists" welcome you from Tuesday to Saturday from 4 pm to 10 pm.
In July and August open at 2 pm.

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Arsenik Stollen

What have drugs got to do with mining in 15th century? In the dark, narrow arsenic tunnels you will get to know the answer and more interesting stories about deep mining.
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One can follow the hiking trails by foot or by e-bike up to the 1544m high Mühlsteinboden. Up there stands a small pilgrimage church, an amazing viewpoint and a power spot where you can replenish your strength and energies.

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